Tuesday, January 15, 2013

i do not wear a pocket protector.

total geek alert. 
you are looking at pictures of a christmas present.  it's legos.  it's lord of the rings.  its a perfect union.  and it doesn't belong to a child.  well, at least not one of my children.  that's because it belongs to me.  a 36-year old man.  i opened it up at Christmas and rejoiced.  and it didn't take long until i had opened up and started playing with my toys.  in fact i've already put it all together twice, and had it configured in a variety of ways. 
i told you i was a geek. 
in other news, i do NOT wear a pocket protector. 
 but i am totally in touch with my inner nerd.  and that nerd tells me to hold on just a little bit longer because Gandalf is coming with the morning light.  there is always hope. 
uh-oh!  orcs are breaching the wall!
oh no!  the urak hai is about to blast the wall open!
legolas takes care of business with his bow.
an overhead view shows the battle being fought.
aragorn and gimli try to protect the main entrance to helm's deep.
king theoden atop the wall. 


Crafty P said...

I feel so much better now. I actually said out loud, to Vinny, at one point this past year, "Do you think I could get legos for Christmas?"- he looked at me funny. I don't think he took me seriously.

I love legos!

Emoly said...

I am not alone! I too, asked Bill for some Legos for Christmas!!!

Cmilinovich said...

Love it. I got my first Lego set this Christmas too! Also, one of my students also gave me a Lego Shakespeare!