Saturday, January 05, 2013

best christmas ever

we had an awesome christmas.  between being abundantly, embarrassingly blessed, and with the several inches of snow which gave the kids daily opportunities to go outside for hours at a time and burn off excess energy, we made time for playing with toys, enjoying amazing meals, watching a couple of movies, playing some games, and just having a great little break. 

so much so that, quite frankly, getting back into the routine has been a difficult adjustment, at least for this daddy.  i have been thinking that i want to write about our time, with pictures to support my stories, but, to be honest, the hoards of pictures we took that need to be gone through are a bit daunting to me at the moment.  i've got emails to respond to and forms to fill out and statistical reports to complete and a sermon to write and so forth. 

so you're just going to have to take my word for it.  we had an awesome Christmas.  and a great new year celebration.  here's to a life-filled twenty-thirteen!

ps.  i wrote this the other day, and i've been trying to add a picture ever since, but i'm having trouble with blogger's picture feature.  not sure what's going on.  so you'll just have to imagine a really cute picture of quin wearing a santa hat with his christmas sweater vest.  trust me, it was cute. 

update:  as you can see i had success posting a picture.  however, i had to "beat the system" to do it.  apparently, blogger is having some known issues and is trying to work them out.  in the meantime, sweater vest santa says hello. 

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