Monday, December 10, 2012

me and my lazy son. so much alike?

here's me in 1977.  notice how i'm rockin' the steelers 'boggan and thinking about doing some sewing. 

now here's quin last month.  notice he's not sitting on a 1970's couch surrounded by an army of afghans.  he's also not getting ready to be industrious with a thread and needle.  you can see a cultural shift right there.  back when i was one, i was already hard at work.  i had to.  times were tough.  not like today, when kids just lie around in piles of soft plush animals, without a care in the world.  just look at him.  all barefooted and pants-less.  i guess you can dress that way when you've got nothing to do but lie around and watch reruns of baby einstein's greatest hits of the baroque era.  but what's that say about our world today?  i mean, look at me up there.  i had obviously just come in the house after being out in the cold, chopping wood or shoveling the walk, or something like that.  not a stuffed animal in sight.  just some afghans that i had woven or sewn or needlepointed or afghaned, or whatever one does to create an afghan. 

and here we are side by side.  see what i mean?  we are nothing alike.  couldn't be more opposite.  oh sure, there might be a slight resemblance, but that i look at it, we do sort of look alike.  in fact, if i look at the shape of the eyes, it's almost hard to tell...wait...which one is me again? 
what do you think?  do we look alike?
should i teach quin how to chop firewood?
do people still make afghans?
why would i child be holding a packet of patterns and not an open bag of pretzels?
answer these questions and more by leaving a comment....


Cmilinovich said...

First off, you look exactly alike. Second, you were not sewing; you were looking at the pictures on the front of my patterns trying to figure out how to cut them out and make collages with them on the end of your crib. That was not a 1970s sofa. It was a hand-me-down sofa and was from the 1950s! Anyway, I never made you chop wood; you just had to carry it in the house and stack it!

Seriously, quin really does look like you. You're both cute to me. I loved that yellow outfit.

monica said...

awesome! are you sure he isnt a clone?

Emoly said...

I am so making you an afghan.

Yes. You look exactly alike. No chance this is anyone else's kid but yours!

If you make him chop wood he has to wear suspenders and a flannel shirt. I think it's the law.