Thursday, December 20, 2012

making Christmas cookies

hit the play button on the video above as the soundtrack to this post. 

there we go.  last night our advent sock told us to make and paint Christmas cookies, so much joy ensued.  here you can see caedmon painting away, and quin in the background, fresh from his bath, reaching for some dough. 


here is jackson cheesing for the camera.  he was much more meticulous in painting his cookies, as he was still working long after cade had finished. 

quin was a little young to help, although he did splash some paint on one.  he did, however, provide some entertainment for his, walking around the table saying "HO HO HOOOOOO" continuously.  you can see in this picture that he is indeed saying exactly that. 

here you can see caedmon's hand painting his cookies. 

here are some of the finished products....

and finally, here are some of the ones shannon made.  i sure do love your christmas cookies, babe! 

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