Tuesday, November 06, 2012

today is your day

today is your day, americans.  your day to prove the pundits wrong.  your day to shine in a country that has been darkened and dimmed by doomsday journalists from the left and the right. 

today is your chance to vote without fear, without prejudice.  today is your day to reclaim your gratitude for democracy and surrender your need to be on a winning team.  today is your day to add your vote to the national storyline, and then sit back and see what happens.

it's a day to put away name calling and finger-pointing.  it's a day to stop spinning and spewing vitriol.  it's a day to accept the collective will, and to recommit to doing your part to make our neighborhoods and communities better places.  today is a day to put our cynicism aside and dare to dream that real change really can happen, not because of one person in a big white house, but because of lots of people in houses just like yours.  today is our day to participate in something bigger than us, but composed by us and for us. 

today is election day.  what will it be for you?  a day of grumbling and cursing the next four years?  or a day of determination to shine light in the darkness wherever you find yourself?  a day of fear and worry?  or a day of trusting in the One who is love - love that never fails?  a day of taking sides?  or a day of unifying and coming together towards a common cause: the goodwill and peace of a nation? 

what will this day be for you?  who will you listen to?  the voices of the angry?  the louder-than-the-next-guy shouts of the privileged and blood thirsty?  the power-brokers and money-changers?  who will you listen to?  the voice of the one who said "blessed are the meek?"  the voice of the one who told us to love one another?  the voice of the one who reminded us to give to caesar what belongs to caesar and to give to God what belongs to God? 

what will be the vote of your heart today, regardless of the hue of the electoral map?  will you be for hope or for despair?  will you be for fear and distrust, or for love of neighbor and commitment to one another? 

today is your day.  go vote.  and remember how the world will know that we follow the one who is the way:  "by this all men will know that you are my followers - if you love one another."  -john 13:35. 

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