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saturday song: jersey girl

i'm thinking of my new jersey friends today, as they continue the very beginnings of what must look like a nearly impossible journey of recovery from this brutal storm.  as a former resident of new jersey myself (12 years), i cannot even begin to imagine either the tremendous pain of everything that has been lost, or the incredible potential of what can happen when people work together with a common purpose. 

while i lived on the jersey shore, i developed a strong liking for one bruce springsteen (we even frequented the same record and antique stores!).  and so, as i continue to think of my peeps in jersey, i thought that this song by the boss might be a fitting saturday song today.  know that you are in my prayers, and that we are not sitting  idly by!  we have been sending money, we are collecting items for you, and when the time is right, we will send teams to help you rebuild!  hang in there!

ps.  you may have seen this on our facebook page, but if you live in the northumberland county area, our church is collecting the following 7 items to send to a church-based mission organization near atlantic city:  new coats, new socks, new blankets, new toys, batteries, baby diapers, baby formula.  if you would like to donate any of those items, they must be dropped off at our church by 9am on satuday, november 17th (319 catawissa avenue, sunbury).  thank you! 


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