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saturday song: big parade by the lumineers

well, we are days away from election day.  as i think about the election, i've had this song running through my head.  it's by the lumineers, a folkish band from denver.  you may know their song "hey ho" from a bing commercial earlier this year.  this song has a part about a candidate, in addition to a boxer, a rock star, and a priest, but for some reason i just can't help but think of the pageantry of this whole election thing, and the production that campaigning has become.  when there is an acceptance speech it will be choreographed and soundtracked and scripted and the candidate will wave and smile real big for the photo ops.  it will be a nice big parade.  sigh. 

Lovely girl won't you stay, won't you stay, stay with me
All my life I was blind, I was blind, now I see
Lovely girl won't you stay, won't you stay, stay with me
All my life I was blind, I was blind, now I see

Fleet of black, fleet of black limousines
Ah tinted machines, here comes the cavalcade
With the armored cars, armored cars like Barettas
Flags on antennae designed to keep me safe, keep me safe

And oh my my, oh hey hey
Here he comes, the candidate
Blue eyed boy, United States
Vote for him, the candidate

Diamonds cut, diamonds cut for the karats
Plaster of Paris, the floats fill up the street
And the beauty queens, beauty queens with the white gloves
All sick from the night clubs, they wave with pageantry, pageantry

Oh my my oh hey hey
Here it comes, the big parade
Marching bands and barricades
Make way, for the big parade

Canvas covered, canvas covered in resin
The violent men who dance the blood ballet
And the bookies say, bookies say it's the third round
Oh when Louie will go down, if he don't there's hell to pay, and hell to raise

And oh my my oh hey hey
Here he comes, the welterweight
Take a dive, for goodness sake
Or say goodbye to the welterweight

Catholic priest, Catholic priest in a crisis
Torn between romance and Jesus, who will win the civil war
And he says I'm in love, I'm in love with a woman
Yea this is my confession, I'm leaving, I can't be a priest anymore, anymore

And oh my my, oh hey hey
There he goes, the man of faith
Left the church for a fiancée
Let him love, a man of faith

T.V. cameras, t.v. cameras and stage hands
American Bandstand, electric guitars
And he's singin' songs, singin' songs for the lonely
Well the girls with the room keys,
They know all his words by heart, by heart and they all sing

Lovely girl won't you stay, won't you stay, stay with me
All my life I was blind, I was blind, now I see
Lovely girl won't you stay, won't you stay, stay with me
All my life I was blind, I was blind, now I see

Lovely girl won't you stay,
Oh oh oh oh

Oh my my oh hey hey
Here she comes by saving grace
Burn the car and save the plates
She's arrived, my saving grace


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