Thursday, November 01, 2012

a skeleton, a donut man, and tweedle-dee

well, yesterday was trick-or-treating, and despite the cold weather and soggy conditions, we had a blast here at the milinovich house.  well, at least some of us had a blast.  as you can see from the picture above, quin wasn't exactly that into it, but you'd be crying too if you had to wear that thing.  let's have a closer look....

so quin was dressed up as tweedle-dee.  when people asked "where's tweedle-dum?" shannon smugly replied time after time, "it's my husband; he's just dumb."  which always got a laugh.  some more hearty than others.  usually from church members. 

when i went to kansas city, i ate my weight in krispy kreme donuts.  so much so that the pastors i was with got me a krispy kreme donut hat, one of the paper folding hats that the employees wear.  little did they know that they were providing the essential piece of my son's halloween costume, because, as soon as he saw that hat, caedmon determined that he wanted to be a "donut man."  so, we got a chef coat, put flower all over his fact, pants and shoes, and he was ready to go.  it was actually a pretty popular costume as we walked around town.  so, special thanks to chad carter for providing the hat. 

jackson was this same skeleton last year and he really enjoyed it, so he wanted to do it again this year, since it still fit him.  one of the cool things about this costume is that the eyes light up and flicker in an eerie way, which you can see better in the picture below. 

this may be the closest thing to a smile from quinton all night. 

time to make the donuts!

and there's the creepy eyes.

hope you all had a happy and safe halloween!  now time to eat your weight in fun sized candy bars.  get busy!

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Cmilinovich said...

Why was Quinton so unhappy? He looks adorable! Yea, LOVE THOSE SNACK-SIZED BARS, but dad ate all the Snickers! We only had 3 trick or treaters, so someone had to eat the big bowl of chocolate bars!