Saturday, October 13, 2012

saturday song: yankees advance to ALCS edition

it's saturday song time, and since the yankees (finally) eliminated the very respectable baltimore orioles* last evening, and are now moving on to the ALCS against the detroit tigers, i thought we could use a yankees song this morning.  well, i don't know if this is a yankees song per se, but it is a song that is played at the stadium in the bronx, and it is full of some great yankee footage, and is a fun watch. 

so the alcs starts tonight, which means my stomach ulcers will be as angry as ever, without any chance to heal.  oh well, it is so fun to watch october baseball, and i'm looking forward to see what happens.  go yanks!

*just a note on the orioles (who my sons call "the oreos"): what a season!  not many expected them to be a force through the whole year, and even though they faded for a bit, they stayed the course and finished strong, and were a formidable force in the playoffs.  while the series didn't have the same disdain that a yankees/red sox series would, what it did have was some very good baseball by two very good teams.  i know it is a painful ending for the orioles, but i want to congratulate them on an amazing season, and say that i believe they will be a force to be reckoned with next year, as well. 

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