Saturday, October 20, 2012

saturday song: fake empire

happy saturday, friends.  hope you find some time today to admire the crisp colors in the falling leaves, to chomp on an apple (dipped in caramel, of course), and to hear the sweet refrains of a football game in the background as you do whatever you do to enjoy autumn. 

i don't know why i thought of this song for saturday song today, but i love it because it is dark and mysterious, and is open-ended enough to make me think what they are calling a 'fake empire.'  that is the title of this 2007 song by The National, from the album "Boxer."  it is a beautiful song, in my opinion, with a haunting piano part as it begins, but then ending in more diverse instrumentation.  this is not the official video, but one that some fans made, i suppose. 

have a great saturday!

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