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random tuesday: the glory and the sheepdog.

-it's random tuesday time, folks.  let's see what's bubbling to the surface of my busy mind this morning....

-i love working out at the gym....its working out for me.  but when the guy on the treadmill DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU is wearing this shirt, it is troubling, to say the least. 

-yesterday, out of nowhere, caedmon said to me:  "we are God's lambs, but we are max's shepherd."  i couldn't help but laugh, picturing me shepherding max out on a field.  he would make a good sheep. 

-last night we finished our 6-week study at church on Christianity and World Religions.  it was a very worthwhile study with about 20 of our members and friends, and i think we all learned a ton, grew out of some of our ignorance, overcame a bit of our fear, found some things that we can learn from our sisters and brothers of different faiths around the world, and realized once again why the grace of the Christian concept of God through Jesus Christ feels most like home to us.  it was a good and worthwhile journey. 

-next thursday we will start a new study on a book called "not a fan."  we'll be having a kind of "define the relationship" conversation about our relationship with Christ.  are we fans or followers?  do we just "like" Jesus on facebook, or do we live as committed disciples?  some important questions to wrestle with as we continue our growth as Christians.  join us on october 25th at 7pm.

-favorite shows this fall?  new girl.  up all night.  parks and recreation. 

-listening to right now?  owl city, because my boys want to hear "hello seattle" on repeat all day long. 

-here is a sample prayer offered by caedmon at bedtime:  dear lord, thank you that we had a really nice time today.  and that we will have an even nicer time tomorrow.  thank you for the glory and the kingdom who art in heaven.  the strength and the glory and christ Jesus.  forever.  amen. 

-last night we celebrated a time-honored tradition here in the milinovich house:  we had apple pie and fried potatoes for dinner.  i don't know's something that we inherited from shannon's childhood, but i'm a fan of it.  just a small plate of fried potatoes and onions, and then a large piece of homemade apple pie.  that is an epic dinner, my friends.  i should have taken a picture and instagrammed that sucker.  but i didn't.  i just devoured it.


Cmilinovich said…
What a precious prayer...amen,

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