Thursday, October 04, 2012

ladies and gentlemen.....your 2012 american league east champions!

last night, on the 162nd and final game of the regular season, the yankees clinched the american league east division, and celebrated accordingly.  of course it isn't the end goal, but if you play 162 games and finish in first place, you deserve to celebrate.  the baseball season is a grueling crawl, and now they are just beginning the next leg of their journey.  still, it was fun to see the stadium go crazy when the scoreboard announced that the orioles had lost their game, clinching the division for the yankees.  of course, the yanks went on to win their game anyway, stomping the red pox as an exclamation point for boston's unbelievably bad year.  now the yankees will play either baltimore or texas, depending on who wins their little one game "series."  now the fun really begins....

let's go yankees!

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