Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween from the milinovich boys

i had some fun with some photo-editing in honor of halloween.  actually, i was just playing around and the boys saw what i was doing and really got into it.  "oooh, give me some bloody slashes on my forehead!"  "i want spiders on mine!" and so forth. 
so we edited these pics into the total messes that they are, but we laughed alot and had fun doing it, and i thought i would share it with you.  beware! 

this last one is a photo of our jack-o-lanterns this year.  jackson's (on top) is a clone trooper from star wars, caedmon's (on the bottom) is a face that he free-handed, and i carved quin's happy little sideways-looking face.  we had fun carving (especially because we had friends over to help us!) and we hope you have a happy halloween! 

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Cmilinovich said...

Oh my...scary. Great jack-o-lanterns!