Friday, October 26, 2012

going on the record about those uniforms

just a quick note today about something that will happen this weekend. 

on sunday afternoon the steelers and the redskins will take the field in pittsburgh and the steelers will be wearing these:

and the world will point and laugh.  now, i've already written about this whole idea of going to these throwback uniforms, and you can read it by clicking here, but since this will be the weekend when everyone will be calling the steelers jailbirds and bumblebees, i wanted to go on the record on more time and say that i love them.  i think they are very cool, if not from a purely aesthetic point of view, then certainly from an historical one.  when the steelers take the field with those very unusual unis, we will be reminded that they are now playing their 80th season, and that is a great thing  because when we start looking back to celebrate the journey of the pittsburgh steelers to this point, we remember that they have won 6 superbowl championships, and been to two others.  they are the most successful nfl franchise in the last 40 years, and that is saying something because they were one of the least successful in the first 40.  so there is a narrative to those striped uniforms, so i don't really care what you think about how horizontal stripes make casey hampton look even fatter, or that they look like they just walked off the set of o brother where art thou.  these are your pittsburgh steelers, celebrating an 80-year journey that has brought them to this point with a tip of the helmet to the past.  i, for one, will enjoy it. 

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