Tuesday, October 23, 2012

caught: a poem


caught  (october, 2012)

brothers in orange sweater vests, 
smiling for the photograph
in the front yard,
site of so much hide and seek
and tag. 
for now, in this bright moment
through the lens,
with arms around one another 
like a huddle in the neigborhood football game.

watching, snapping, through the glass,
tagging all three with a hand of love;
with one click of the frame,
i capture my crazy blessedness in
a colorful digital rectangle,
for even longer than
the lifespan of pixels,
i am beyond blessed. 


tbolto said...

I love it! I was blessed by the photo too.

Gregory Milinovich said...

thank you very kindly.

Cmilinovich said...

A trio of blessings and joy! How precious!