Monday, October 01, 2012


here's the fam yesterday at church (in my office actually).  don't they look amazing?  i am so blessed! 

we welcomed 8 new members into church blessed!

the steelers didn't lose yesterday (they were off) blessed!

got to take the kids down to watch one of the boys from the church play football (and he played great) blessed!

got to go to the fair this weekend and drink apple cider and enjoy a gorgeous fall blessed!

met with a family about a baptism in a few blessed!

i could go on and on.  and then i wouldn't even be close to halfway done.  my life is an exercise in being blessed beyond comprehension.  i can only pray for more energy and time to share these blessings with every person i meet (and the ones i live with!). 

blessed to be a blessed! 

take time today to recognize your blessedness, as well!  it changes everything.


Cmilinovich said...

What a beautiful family. You are certainly blessed, but so are they! You are a blessing to us all. Love you!

Gregory Milinovich said...

awww...shucks. thanks.