Thursday, October 18, 2012

autotuning my childhood

i've shared this video before, but i want to share it again because i stinking love it, and it makes me feel better every time i watch it.  pbs did such a great job with autotuning this and making something worth watching.  also, that slide whistle solo in the middle is absolutely tremendous. 

so good.  right?  i know. 

and they didnt' stop there.  they also remixed bob ross, the amazingly calm and watchable painter who entertained me everyday for at least one summer, if not more.  here he is:

i love it.  he is awesome. 

now i never really got into julia childs, but they made an autotune remix of her show, too, so you can see it below:

well, there you have it.  amazing pbs goodness remixed. 

and finally, i shared this on facebook yesterday, but i loved it so much i thought i'd put it here too.  here's hoping you can change the channel on your own thorn in the flesh...

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