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well, that stunk

-well, that stunk.
sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear rips you apart limb from limb and sits and laughs at you while you flop around in pain.  yankees lose.  steelers lose.  (and worst of all) ravens win.  it was a fail the size of janikowski's gut. 

-thank goodness my life doesn't revolve around sports.  after the game, i turned off the tv, and cuddled with my kids on the couch, before reading them bedtime stories.  nothing like a little perspective to help take the edge off. 

-did you know that aardvark means earth-pig?

-hahaha....i just had a political paragraph here, and then after i carefully wrote the whole thing, i deleted it because i knew that it would bring people out of the woodwork who would start shouting at me.  i just can't bring myself to do it.  even though i care very much, i just can't bring myself to participate in the online political discourse.  it is an arena in which i am unfit to participate. 

-i will, however, comment on the trains that are traveling through my town at night.  do you really need to whistle 27 times as you go through town at 2am?  really?  all i want to do is try to sleep away the sting of a steelers loss, and you have to whistle like the british are coming, waking me up to keep replaying carson palmer passes in my head for another hour.  thank you very much, trains. 

-and with that, have a good monday.  i'll be studying buddhism for my world religions class.  maybe i can achieve some enlightenment about the steelers defense.  peace.


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