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saturday song: no second chances

oh man.  this is sort of embarrassing for me.  today i'm going old school and offering a glimpse into the life of 15 year old greg.

i'm in a retrospective mood anyway.  two days ago i was thinking about this cassette tape that my parents constantly played in our volkswagen vanagon, and i was just remembering how my sisters and i had memorized every word, every inflection, and every stroke of the synthesizer.  i looked it up, but couldn't find it available for purchase anywhere, except for a $30 lp version, which i don't really want.  so i found him on the web, emailed him, and told him about how important his tape was to me as a kid.  so he sent me the mp3 files directly.  how cool is that?!?  i've been listening to them constantly, and it's amazing how much of the words, inflections and keyboard parts i completely remember. 

that album (alan robertson's "i don't want to go back") came out on starsong in 1984.  i was 8. 

fast forward to 1991.  i was 15, and i no longer wanted to listen only to music that my parents played in our (extremely) minivan.  i wanted to go crazy and be a rebel.  i wanted to grow a rattail and get something pierced.  anything.  and my choices in music reflected this progression.  well, sort of.  see, if i was a rebel, i was, by all accounts, a good upstanding christian rebel.  so my music rebellion involved a strict abstinence from the def leppard and poison that my classmates were listening to.  instead, i had rez band, petra, shout, and, above all, whitecross. 

oh, man, i loved whitecross.  i was the whitecross air guitar king.  i knew every lick.  and i strained my pubescent vocal cords trying to hit those notes.  so if you were to travel back in time, and could enter our little brick and concrete duplex on main street, you'd probably find me back in my room, banging my head and singing bad theology, deep in my most wild rebellion: whitecross.

here is one of their songs from their 1991 album "in the kingdom."  this song is called "no second chances."


monica said…
those duplexes are now a parking lot. but whitecross lives on forever!

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