Friday, August 03, 2012

going to camp (my annual pilgrimage)

guess where i'm going today? 

if you said "heaven" you would be correct.  i'm headed to latrobe, pennsylvania for a very quick trip to watch the steelers practice at training camp. 

i've been taking this annual pilgrimage every year for the last 6 or 7 years, and i always feel like a little kid on christmas morning.  you put me in a big open space with thousands of fellow steelers fans, with nothing  more to do than watch practice and talk about the team?  that's when i've found home. 

actually, tonight will be a bit of a first for me.  i have always gone to the campus of St. Vincents to watch the afternoon practice at the site of the camp, but each year the steelers have one friday night practice at the high school stadium in latrobe, under the lights, and open to the public.  i've never been to this event, but have always wanted to, and it just works out that this is the only day during all of training camp that i have the chance to slip away and get to latrobe.  so it works out that i'll be there at that high school field, like a kid in a candy store, taking pictures and notes and generally being excited enough to need blood pressure medication. 

if you will be there tonight, or are interested, leave a comment.  but if you meet me there, don't expect any idle chit-chat.  i'm not there to discuss unimportant things like life and so forth, but am solely interested in your thoughts on the cornerback battle, who will be the fifth wide receiver, and do you think the two rookie offensive lineman will be ready to go by the first game of the season.  you know, the REALLY important stuff. 

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