Tuesday, August 14, 2012

deep creek lake

we just got back from vacation (again), this time with a bunch of members of my side of the family, to deep creek lake, maryland.  we had a great time of enjoying the lake (swimming, kayaking, fishing, etc.) as well as some traditionally vacation-y activities like building puzzles, getting ice cream, playing miniature golf, going on walks, etc.  deep creek lake is a beautiful area, and we had an amazing home for the week, at the top of a mountain looking down on the lake.  it was gorgeous, as was the weather all week. 

while vacation with three little kids isn't exactly restful, we did have lots of fun, relaxed, and mostly avoided illness, which was a huge success compared to our last vacation.  i thought i'd share a few pictures below of some of the action, including visiting a waterfall, fishing, going to an amazing candy store (look at the boys' faces in the background - pure joy!), shannon after climbing a rock wall, and at the end, a picture of the whole gang who went, including all the kiddos.  it was a great time, and now we are close to school starting again, and getting ready for that. 

ps.  this is my 1,500th post here at agent orange records.  thanks for reading. 

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