Monday, July 09, 2012

our summer hike

as we continue through our swiftly-fading summer, trying to hold on to each day without squashing it, like it's a firefly, glowing but fleeting, we refuse to succumb to complacency.  despite the heat, we've been busy crossing things off our summer bucket list, which has already included fireworks, playdoh, baseball, sand sculptures, and so much more.  yesterday we were able to cross off the one that said nature hike, as we drove up to susquehanna point, overlooking northumberland and sunbury, and had a nice little hike with a terrific view, as you can see. 

it may appear above that quin isn't particularly fond of heights, but he relaxed and fully enjoyed himself, as you can see in the picture below. 

the park has a playground, which our sons sniffed out like a pack of bloodhounds.  i am convinced that they can detect a playground from 2-3 miles away.  i don't know if it's the smell of mulch mixed with hot plastic or what, but their playground radar is fully operational, and so we had to stop and test every swing and slide.  even mommy got in on the act, as you can see above.  the boys were impressed with her height!

the begged me to chase them, which was a challenge after pushing that stroller (and baby) up the hill, but we had a quick (and very hot) game of tag in which i reminded them that while daddy may be old and fat, he is still faster than you think, and if you test me you will end up on your back getting tickled.  i wonder how long this will last, and how i will feel in the morning, but it doesn't matter.  for now, i will run and hike and keep crossing things off the list; i will hold that firefly in my hand, careful not to squeeze too hard, but watching with wide-eyed wonder as it lights up and then flies off. 

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