Thursday, July 19, 2012

our garden 2012

celebrating the miracle that is life, the bursting forth of growth and color and food from seed and soil, we planted a small garden this year, after shannon read about a way to maximize space when you only have limited quantities of it.  so we tried it, and we've been able to enjoy the fruits of our labors this summer.  part of that is the lettuce and carrots and beans and pesto and spinach and more that we've enjoyed, but also just the process of watching it go from seeds to shoots to sprouts and then tall leafy plants.  it's been wonderful just to behold the mysterious miracle of it all.  here are a few pics of some of our recent bounty. 

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Mary said...

Beautiful! I love growing vegetables! I have Barbie sized tomatoes and peppers and i can't wait for it! I'm looking forward to some actual ground to do some planting! Enjoy the carrots you wascally wabbits! :o)