Monday, July 02, 2012

our florida vacation, part 1

after writing dramatically about our sickation to florida, and having now had some time to get some distance from it, i thought i would provide some evidence that it wasn't all spent in front of the toilet.  here are some pictures from our first full day in florida, before the virus wrapped its terrifying fingers around our esophagi. 

these two pics are from goofy golf in fort walton beach.  this is a classic mini golf course with all kinds of old-school animals and obstacles.  very fun and VERY cheap.  and extremely goofy.  we loved it so much we bought t-shirts. 

we spent most of our day at the gulfarium, a kind of aquarium/zoo thing right along the gulf in fort walton beach.  we got to see dolphins and sharks and turtles and sea lions and otters and rays and alligators and all kinds of fish, among other things.  it was a really neat place, and the kids enjoyed it thoroughly. 

we also spent a bit of time at a shopping plaza called uptown station in which they've built a little mini-water park in the middle of it for children to play in.  we also found a scarlet macaw named jackson, whom the boys liked. 

so, as you can see, there was  more than just toilets!  and that was just the first day!  more pics to follow. 

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Cmilinovich said...

So glad you did have some fun there! Love the pics. Especially Quinton enjoying the water. So cute.