Friday, July 20, 2012

do not remove under penalty of law

you know those annoying tags on your pillows and comforters?  those little scratchy  eye-sores that threaten you with a "DO NOT REMOVE UNDER PENALTY OF LAW" taunt? 

inevitably, when i remove those suckers, i end up ripping the dang seam and so not only do i feel like i've violated the constitution or something, i've also murdered my pillow.  i stand there, guilt-ridden, hands covered in tell-tale pillow stuffing and the smoking warning tag right there at the scene. 


as it turns out (who would've thunk it?) that those tags cost a great deal to people and companies who are actually trying to make and sell a product.  apparently there are all kinds of laws and bureaucratic hoops to jump through, which vary dramatically depending on which state you may want to sell your product in. and if you want to sell nationally, then you've got to deal with all of them.  and you've got to pay some serious benjamins to get that darn tag put on your product.  or else you can't sell. 

i know this because i have a friend who has designed some sort of pillow for pregnant women (apparently pregnancy can be uncomfortable?  who knew?  i mean, it's not like your carrying around a kick-boxing 8 pound baby in your belly every moment of the day and night.  oh wait...).  she has done all sorts of work to get this product on the market, but has hit this major red-tape road block in which she needs some serious scratch to be able to pay for those stinking tags.  and so, in order to do that, she got a little help from her friends and produced a great video about the problem. 

i don't typically promote products, and i can't speak to this product either, but i can say that this video is very funny and worth  a view, and maybe you could send a little help if you feel so compelled.  either way, enjoy this video, and pass it along to your prego friends. 

check out the product page here, and how you can be rewarded for helping out this campaign. 

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