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along with the rest of the world, i have this sickening feeling that my life is constantly slipping through my fingers.  i mean, there are  moments that make it feel a bit more sticky, dirty diaper moments we call them here.  but even so, even the stinkiest diaper can't take away the deafening roar of the water cascading over the falls, never to return.  each moment is here but for an instant, then disappears into some greater pool, where i can hardly remember it or distinguish it from all the others that have also passed. 

and so i document.  in part to save my own life.  but mostly just to freeze a moment here and there: the toothy smile of a 7-year old; the chubby little hand of a newborn, and the "are you watching me, daddy?" glance of my middle son.  these are the moments that will soon be washed away, along with a million others.  and so, despite the demands of the day, i feel compelled at times to capture these moments as permanently as i know how to.  today was one of those days.  the sun was playing peekaboo through the clouds, and the song i had heard this morning was ringing in my soul, and it was all just too much to bear.  so i got out the video camera.  i recorded my boys doing what they do, with no direction whatsoever.  and i did some quick editing so that the symphonic collage of image and motion and music in my mind would at least be rudimentally recorded for future reference.  in other words, i want to remember these moments when they are but distant and blurry memories. 

so here is today's video:  just a day in the yard at the milinovichs.  enjoy. 


Cmilinovich said…
Thanks for the beautiful pictures and music. So glad you "captured" the day to remember, because it REALLY does go by so fast. It was only yesterday, or maybe last week, that you were climbing trees on Woodland Ave.!!!

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