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bathtowels and body-dust

in case you wanted to start your your morning off with some classic agentorange hyperbole:

i am at a conference here for a couple of days, and the college dorm i am staying in has graciously provided the towels and linens for the room.  and so i really don't want to complain, but...

those towels are rough! i have used sandpaper that was softer, when i sanded some rough pine for my 7th grade candle sconces.  i'm pretty sure a good 60-70% of my epidermis is still sitting in the long and wiry fibers of that tiny towel.  it's an interesting water-removal strategy for a towel to take: don't just remove the water, remove the surface the water is on!  once you finish with that baby, you look like one of those anatomy models from freshman year, showing all the tendons and muscles.  and don't despair if you ever lose your towel, just find a wire brush or an s.o.s. pad and you'll be good to go. 

however, wanting to retain my tendons and muscles, i think i'll air-dry tomorrow.  or stand under the hand air-dryer for awhile.  it'll look awkward, but at least i won't be lying in body-dust on the bathroom floor. 


monica said…
Mr.Delong and the candle sconces! What were they thinking letting us loose with power tools! Every parent in Jess Co. has a pair of those sconces on their walls.
julie said…
okay i was seriously just belly-laughing at this. thank you for being so ridiculous and for sharing your ridiculosity with everyone.

i love you and even all of your lost skin particles.

imagining your skin shining like the top of the Chrysler building! haha!

still laughing... i needed one or several of those today.

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