Thursday, May 10, 2012

i'll trade you a mantle for a milinovich

well baseball season is here.  we've had one t-ball game and about 7 rainouts so far, so it's been an anti-climactic beginning.  nonetheless, the boys look great in their uniforms, and daddy has his coaching hat on, so we are ready to roll.  thought you'd enjoy seeing these new baseball cards hot off the press from that awesome baseball card company, aor.  (sorry, i can't send a piece of stale pink gum across the internets, but i would if i could!). 

speaking of baseball, shannon and i get to catch a real pirates game in pnc park tonight against the washington nationals with steven strasburg on the mound, so it should be a fun night in beautiful downtown pittsburgh.  can't wait. 

here, you can at least pretend.  have a great thursday!

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