Friday, April 20, 2012

stream of conciousness friday

stream of conciousness on a friday.....

somehow we left the garage door open overnight, and i've discovered at least one thing missing.  jack's not going to be happy about that missing razor scooter....

tom and jerry was a classic cartoon.  tom and jerry kids from the '80's?  not so much.

yankees are going to bos*** (i really prefer not to type the name of that hot mess in mass-a--poo-setts) today.  fenway park is celebrating its 100th birthday.  the red sox are celebrating by starting the season at 4-8.  only 5 teams in baseball have a worse record.  so sweet.  when the only thing you have to celebrate is a 100 year old stadium and 2 championships in the last 93 years, it seems fitting to start off this way.  it's like me throwing a birthday party for my mazda protege because it's been a wildly mediocre car and even once went over 90mph.  but at least it has many miles!  woo hoo! 

here's hoping the yankees do the celebrating. 

i've never watched this show, but i love this commercial. 

here's something:  when shannon and i have a "disagreement," it usually ends with her saying, "how does it feel to be wrong all of the time?"  well played, shannon.

speaking of well played, did anyone else notice that dick clark passed away, rendering our new year's eve celebrations impotent?  do the mayans have anything to do with this? 

we're talking about the movies this month at church.  this sunday we'll be looking at "field of dreams."  i love that movie. "if you build it, they will come," and all that.  such a classic.  i don't have a cornfield behind my house, but i do have a chain link fence, and i wish dead ball players would come out of that and play in my yard.  actually, nevermind.  that sounds creepy. 

have a good friday. 

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Crafty P said...

I LOVE your analogy about fenway and the mazda. hilarious. oh, that is funny.
randomosities are my favorites