Wednesday, April 25, 2012

happy birthday, caedmon!

today is caedmon's fifth birthday.  we have already had part one of the celebration this last weekend, with a cars cake with a big paved "5" on it.  this coming weekend will be phase 2, with some other cars-related edible goodness.  pictures to follow. 

cade is a character.  he likes accessories and he loves hiding and playing tricks.  he also enjoys a stage of any kind.  we discovered this during our christmas program last december, when he found the stage and the spot immediately in front of the microphone each week and planted himself there with flair.  this week, as the children sang "give me oil in my lamp" during worship, he kicked his legs back and forth like a rockette.  it is not unusual to find him at home wearing some combination of bracelets, necklaces, glasses, ties, wristbands, hats, capes, etc. 

i can't believe he's been in this world for five years already.  there's no question but that those five years have been tremendously brighter and more full of laughter (not to mention some nearly professional cuddling) because of caedmon.  your play, your joy, your singing, your charisma - all of it - is a wonderful gift to your mother and i, your brothers, and all who know you.  we adore you, little yellow-haired man, and we celebrate you with all the joy we can hold. 

happy birthday!

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Mary said...

awww :o) He is so special. I'm actually typing my case study right now and am filled with such joy with all my recollections of this little soul. The past 5 years have certainly been made better because Cade has been in this world. I do love that little yellow-haired man!