Wednesday, April 11, 2012

g.i.g.i. joe

at baseball practice the other night, jackson was very busy not paying attention to the ball, and was instead searching the ground for treasures.  partially buried in the dirt, he found this: 

well, it was much dirtier than that, but you get the picture.  we brought it home, cleaned it off, and examined our new find.  and cade was particularly excited about the find, saying "we found a G.I.G.I. Joe!"  now, this wasn't him playing with words or anything, he really thinks that's what they're called.  it's a mix of old mcdonald with the great american toy hero.  i love it. 

oh yeah, you didn't know the boys were playing baseball?  well, they are.  practices have already begun in earnest, and games are coming soon!  proof:


julie said...

Keep the baseball pics coming! i'm already addicted to them... i need more! :) so so so so cute.

Mrs. Milinovich said...

I can't stand it. They are the cutest ball players EVER! I am already a groupie.