Friday, April 06, 2012


on this day-
an earthquake day,
a boundary breaking, curtain-splitting day,
a turn things upside down and raise the dead day,
a dark, dark, 'where is the sun?' day,
a creation calling out in pains of labor and delivery day-
on this day,
life gives itself up.
lets go, surrenders.
all that has ever been seems to shake and shiver
in the cold dark grasp of death and despair.
the hopes of a million years, or more,
the hopes of every creature ever preyed upon,
the hopes of the huddled masses,
the hopes of the powerful ones, only hoped in secret, private moments,
the hopes of the broken everyone,
the hopes of this mess i call me,
are crushed like cracking stones,
along faultlines of fear
on this day,
this deathday. 

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