Thursday, March 15, 2012

yellow watches and cymbalta

you've really got to watch what you say around my son cade.  he doesn't miss a thing, and he locks it down in his steel trap of a brain.  the other day he told me, and i quote:  "i like coldplay.  chris martin is a good singer.  he wears a yellow watch, and he has the same birthday as you, daddy.  para-para-para-dise." 

i'm not making that up. i don't even remember telling him about the birthday thing, so either he's reading my blog, or he heard us mention it at some point, and then clung to it as part of the data that he uses to understand the world.  we all receive all these messages all day, and as adults we get pretty good at filtering things out that we don't need to know or don't want to think about.  but kids, or at least caedmon, don't have that ability.  he just tries to remember everything he hears.

he goes around the house singing the 1-800-LEMON-LAW jingle that is on everyday while i'm watching the news in the morning.  and then yesterday he came up with this gem:  "mom, did you know that sometimes adults get cymbalta, and their heads hurt, so they have to go to the doctor.  the doctor tells them that they have cymbalta and then they start to feel better." 

too funny.  i wonder how long it is until he starts saying things at church that he heard at home.  that'll be fantastic. 

-in other family news, quin has popped his first tooth, which at least gives us a scapegoat for his recent fussiness. 

-also, today we finally finish our annual scrapbooking...err...i mean family documentation engineering project.  next year i resolve to take 95% less family photos so we don't have 65,000 picture to try and sort through for documentation engineering.  looking through that many photos to try and pick out a few causes me to say things that, well, i wouldn't want to have caedmon repeating in sunday school class. 

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Happy said...

That's priceless and so funny!