Thursday, March 08, 2012

so phat

my sis got me some steelers headphones for my birthday, and i put them on quin, who apparently loves them.  it made for a nice photo op, and this little neon green gem below.  that's my boy.  he's so phat.  with a ph. 


Mary said...

so glad they are being enjoyed! :o)

monica said...

it just makes me want to munch the screen right now. I love baby rolls!!

Emoly said...

Maybe I shared this last year after our CSM trip, but being "FAT" for Jesus is also acceptable.

We want shirts that say that. I had to share since that is on my mind, plus PA is a long state. I waved as we "passed" your house!

Mrs. Milinovich said...

Love the Croatian onesie.Even Croatians can be Phat.