Saturday, March 03, 2012

saturday song: march 2nd birthday edition

since yesterday was my birthday, i thought i'd do a special edition of saturday song.  i wanted to start off with a treasured and happy memory.  when i was a boy, my parents had purchased a small thin record (it was like a black cd, kids) that only pulled out once a year.  you got it: my birthday.  it was a song by "captain zoom" who supposedly came from the moon just to sing me a birthday song.  and, yes, he sang it just to me.  it had my name in it.  as a kid, this was somehow believable.  by the time i was old enough to know better, i was already enchanted by its musical mastery.  ok, that's sarcasm, but the truth is that i loved this birthday song as a kid, and would beg my parents to play it again.  unfortunately, i couldn't find a youtube version that said 'greg,' so you'll have to settle for hearing captain zoom (who came from the moon) sing for cathy.  yes, you'll probably hate it, but i don't really care.  it's my memory.  get off it.  just curious, though, did anyone else have a captain zoom record when they were growing up?

see?  completely awesome. 

anyway, yesterday wasn't only my birthday.  it was also dr. seuss'.  so, enjoy this classic grinchical song.  as the bostonites say, it's wicked (in a good way).

and it's not just dr. seuss and i who share march 2nd.  exactly one year after i was born, chris martin, the lead singer of coldplay was born.  so, here's their latest music video to a song called "charlie brown." 

then, five years after the british singer was born, the state of ohio gave me a birthday gift for my 6th birthday party.  on march 2nd, 1982 ben roethlisberger was born.  so, in celebration, i share this "song" with you, a little roethlisberger parody of jimmy buffet's "cheeseburger in paradise." 

so there you have it.  by the time he was 35 chris martin had sold enough albums to stack to the moon (and visit the grave of captain zoom, whom, i assume, must have passed since we haven't heard from him in years), and by the time he was 30, ben roethlisberger has played in three superbowls and won two of them as the starting quarterback.  no big deal.  by the time i was 36, i had sold an old beat up car to the junk yard and won at least three games of candy land against my 4-year old. 

no, just kidding.  i couldn't be any richer.  my birthday was wicked awesome (i seriously can't stand boston), and i  was able to once again take a step back to take note of just how incredibly blessed i am.  not only that, but i also felt again the great compulsion to make that blessedness be the gift i give to the world, to you.  i may not have epic songs to sell or superbowl rings to wear, but i have my love, my family, my children, and my unquenchable hope.  i couldn't have  more.  thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday:)
Riches of the financial world are not everthing....the riches that you received are the love of your family, your health, your ability to write and share truly priceless:)))))