Saturday, March 10, 2012

saturday song: background

saturday song time. 

you know, people often say, when asked about what kinds of music they like, "oh, i like everything."  sometimes, if they're honest, they'll admit, "well, everything except country."  or sometimes its opera.  or rap. especially rap.  it seems that people either love or hate rap. 

put me in the "love" category.  i mean, the genre as a whole.  there is a great deal of rap that i simply can't stand, because of what it glorifies or pretends to be.  but from a musical perspective, i love the concept of folk poetry being recited and encanted over rhythms and bits of sampled culture.  it pleases my ear, and, at its best, engages both my will to dance and my need to think deeply. 

so, today, here's a song that i've been hitting "repeat" on my ipod alot for recently.  it's called "background" by lecrae and is about the need to get our ego and self-importance out of the way, if we are really going to be who we were designed to be.  enjoy it.  or hate it.  whatever. 

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