Monday, March 19, 2012

new collage: lent 3 - 2012: the foolishness of God

"lent 3 - 2012: the foolishness of God"
mixed media collage on stretched box canvas (acrylic paint, found papers, playing cards, glue)
march, 2012
gregory a. milinovich

this was my collage for the third sunday in lent, in which we were dealing with the idea that even God's foolishness is wiser than the sum of human wisdom, and that God's truth exposes our own wisdom for what it really is: folly.  while Christ may seem like a fool by the world's standards (born in the wrong place, growing up in the wrong place, picking the wrong disciples, hanging out with the wrong people, and ultimately dying as a criminal), he is truly God's own fool, and turns the world upside down with a logic of love that quite frankly blows our hearts and minds.  we would all do well to be so smart as to begin to understand the foolishness of God. 

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