Monday, March 26, 2012

mondays with max: one terrified muppet

a new feature here at agent orange records: mondays with max.  given that our dog is older than betty white, we've decided to show our appreciation of this lazy life by sharing a max picture each monday.  basically, it will be a series of pictures of him sleeping, since that's mostly what he does.  but hey, maybe we should just let sleeping dogs lie, right?  and be featured on my blog. 

here he is hugging bert, who looks terrified, if you ask me. but i guess you would be too, if you were a diminutive muppet with OCD and a paperclip collection and you were being strangled by a admittedly cute but full-sized bulldog with titanicly bad breath. 

still, so cute, right?


monica said...

I seem to remember Bert being your favorite muppet character.

Mrs. Milinovich said...

Well, at least it's not Snuffleupagus!

Gregory Milinovich said...

monica: i don't really remember that, but i wouldn't be surprised at my high-school self for identifying with the very rigid and 'black-and-white-minded' bert.

i'm much more of an ernie, these days.

Joel B said...

i figured you gave him bert because bert reminds you so much of Joe Flacco

Gregory Milinovich said...

you are correct, sir. and i love that profile pic of yours. thank you very much.