Thursday, March 01, 2012

goodbye hines ward

well, i had a different post planned for today, but the steelers changed those plans.  today is a sad day for me as a sports fan.  my all-time favorite football player, hines ward, is being released from the pittsburgh steelers.  he is everything i could ever love about a football player, and i have written about him many times before.  there is much being written about him today: about his intensity, his joy, his determination to prove people wrong; his overachieving; the rule named after him; and, perhaps most of all, his smile. 

i feel like i am in mourning this morning.  i will miss you in the black and gold, hines ward.  thanks for everything you did for the steelers and for steelernation. 


Happy said...

Sad, indeed. :(

Just won't be the same without him.

peggy said...

Change is hard! Sorry you're having to face this, greg! On the bright side, some unknowing, incredibly lucky Pittsburgh player will become your next "Hines" and receive more fan support than he ever imagined! In the meantime you must put football aside and think think about the diamond and the little white ball.