Tuesday, March 06, 2012

100,000: the dialogue continues

we did it friends.  we hit the big 1-0.  0.  0.  0.  0.  that's right, at the end of last week we went over the 100,000 mark on my little traffic counter here on the blog.  so that means that my mom has stopped by 99, 975 times, and a couple other of you stopped by once or twice.

i started this blog in october of 2006, so i've been writing pretty regularly for nearly 5 1/2 years now.  i started writing as a way to express myself and to dare to believe that something i might have to say would be worth reading, worth speaking into the wide sea of words already written, that i might be more fully myself, and that you might help shape me with your response.  my life as a monologue didn't feel complete.  and so i began writing.  i began to tell the truth about myself and how the world looks through my eyes.  i began to ask questions that previously had only bounced around in my echo-y head, and had been held captive on the pages of my journals.  i began to flesh out my sermons, hoping that you, dear reader, might offer me some different direction, some unseen path for me to explore.  i began to tell you about my family, and to try to express the inexpressible love that burns in me for them.  i began to see how i might somehow laugh with you, challenge you and be challenged by you, and, in some way, be present to and with you across state lines, even across continents. 

in short, i am so glad i decided to start writing.  and i am blessed that some of you have stopped by to say hello, or even to watch silently from the background. 

and so to celebrate this milestone of collaboration, i am offering 40% off of every collage i have for sale on etsy right now (there are 32 of them currently).  all you have to do is enter the coupon code: 100000.  if you would rather not order through paypal, then you can contact me via my email or facebook and i will work with you to get the one you want.  the collages that are in my shop right now have been up there for awhile, and i hope to have some of my new ones up there soon. 

thanks again for reading, and for turning my monologue into a dialogue.  i am blessed to be in conversation.  with you, dear reader. 

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Mary said...

sweet! Gotta love a good sale!