Saturday, February 11, 2012

saturday song: symphonies

time for saturday song.  today i am sharing a song by an artist named dan black.  the song is called "symphonies."  it seems to be about living life deeply, "sucking the marrow" from life, and not being satisified with the status quo.  at least that's how i interpret it.  the song features a collaboration with rapper kid cudi.  that's a good enough song right there, and you can watch the video of it here

but i found this remix one day while messing around on noisetrade, and i LOVE it.  it is remixed by one jeremy henry, who goes by the moniker "haus of glitch."   it plays with the song's lyrics about copying and pasting, and has a great deal of fun with the orchestra blasts and digital noises.  i love electronic music, when its done artfully and especially when it is still maddeningly melodic, as this is.  there is no video to look at below, just the song to enjoy - so, enjoy!  and look for the symphonies in your life today!

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