Thursday, February 09, 2012

need of healing

"need of healing"
mixed media collage (vintage papers, vintage photograph, acrylic paint, glue) on hardcover bookboard
january 2012
gregory a. milinovich

here is a new collage i recently made, focusing on simplicity and shape, and as much as what is not there as what is.  i used an old hardcover bookboard that had been withdrawn from a library and indelibly marked as such, and used that as my starting point.  from there i just kept it simple and played with shape, line and color. 

i intend to have some new works up on my etsy site soon, in case anyone is interested in purchasing any of my art, so stay tuned for that. 

and now, for your thursday, a poem by luci shaw:

Small Song

God of the sea,
God of the rock
and bird and tree,
you are also
the God of me.

The pebble fell.
The water stirred
and stilled again.
The hidden bird
made song for you.
His praise you heard.

You heard him sing
from in the tree.
And searching still
I know you'll see
the love that wings
to you from me.

1 comment:

Mrs. Milinovich said...

I love the image of "god of the rock". I's my favorite metaphor for God. Great poem/song.