Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ash wednesday: 2012

today is ash wednesday, the beginning of the season of lent.  lent has traditionally been a time for christians to humbly and soberly face the truth of their own brokenness and sinfulness.  it is a time to take stock.  it is a chance to slow down enough to remember that we can't do this thing on our own, just ashes and bones.  brittle and faltering. 

of course ash wednesday is the first chapter in a lenten story that ends with an empty tomb and a whole new creation of life from death, dancing bones and brokenness turned to wholeness. 

but we start in ashes.  in penitence.  in humility.  in the need of profound grace. 

"ash wednesday 2012"
mixed media collage on canvas (vintage book pages, acryclic paint, beads, glue)
gregory a. milinovich
february 2012

each year for ash wednesday i make a collage.  you can click here to see some of my collages from the past years.  the collage above is this year's offering.  grace and peace to you this ash wednesday. 

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