Thursday, January 12, 2012

new year's resolution: eat more

 quin made a new year's resolution for 2012, or at least one was made for him.  it's one he probably would have made, if he had the abilities to think cognitively about what he'd like to change for the new year, and subsequently tell us about it.  unfortunately, his abilities are limited to essentially sleeping, sucking, pooping and looking ridiculously cute.  so, we made a resolution for him: that he would start eating more, because he was looking so, you know, skinny.  actually, we wanted him to move to some solid foods.  so shannon started spoon-feeding him rice cereal this week and he's been housing it.  needless to say, he's doing well on his new year's resolution so far. 

so, while the rest of us try to eat less in january, quin is focused on eating more.  and he's off to a good start.  keep up the good work, little man. 

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Mrs. Milinovich said...

Too cute! What a great resolution. I wish I had thought of that.