Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my precious

nerds unite:

  i just discovered (where have i been?) that the always awesome LEGO corporation has purchased the rights to produce licensed "Lord of the Rings" products, which means minifigure Aragorn will soon be at a store near you (the lego site says summer 2012).  how awesome is that?  i'm going to need to go to the bank to see about taking out a small loan, as i will be wanting every set, from Shelob's lair to the prancing pony.  my inner fantasy nerd has been busy doing a jig all morning since i saw this, and is now sitting down with some longbottom leaf. 



julie said...

amazing! this made my day also! i, too, am a nerd.

Emoly said...

Had I remembered you were that into Lord of the Rings, I would have told you when one of our students posted it on facebook.

Lego's rule!