Friday, January 13, 2012

lol spiderz and hatchets in my back

-i think i slept in some kind of odd position the other night because this is the second day in a row in which i can barely turn my head.  if someone behind me or even next to me calls me, i have to turn my entire body to see them.  this presents an interesting challenge when driving.  'looking both ways' has taken on whole new levels of difficulty.  i was hoping it would be gone this morning, but i still feel like i've got a hatchet lodged in the back of my neck, and it has the flexibility of a cold steel beam.  (dangit.  i was trying to avoid all forms of the word 'steel.'  now i'm crying again.)

-how great is it that "up all night" has moved to nbc's thursday night?  now i can watch parks and rec, the office and up all night back to back to back.  the only thing that would make it better is if "new girl" would change networks and go to thursday night.  then i wouldn't even need to turn my tv on except on thursday.  (you can tell we are between football and baseball seasons [at least for me]). 

-this week, as i continue our sermon series at church about "when Christians get it wrong" (based on the book by the same title by Adam Hamilton, we will be taking a look at how Christians have sometimes missed the mark when it comes to politics and science.  in politics i believe Christians get it wrong when we put our idealogy above our theology..when we forget whose image we bear...and when we set aside our call to love in the name of being right.  when we spend more time listening to rush limbaugh or watching msnbc then we do listening for the Spirit of God, we get it wrong.  when we marry our faith to a particular political party, we get it wrong.  when we engage in the same spin, slander and self-righteous fear-mongering as others, we get it wrong.  when it comes to science, we get it wrong when we are close-minded and unwilling to ask questions.  when we are locked-in to only one narrow reading of the scriptures without being willing to explore other options, we get it wrong.  when we see science as an adversary to be silenced rather than an ally to help us declare the glory of God, we get it wrong.  when we let fear keep us from learning more about God's unthinkably awesome creation, we get it wrong.  and when we get these things wrong in politics and science, people notice.  it is one of the factors that has led to people in general - especially younger folks - dismissing the church as irrelevant and out of touch with reality.   on the other hand, Christians get it right when we are teachable; when we are willing to learn and ask questions; when we remember that we are citizens of God's kingdom first; when we let love be our banner; when we are humble enough to say that we don't know all the answers.  and we will get it right if we repent of what we've done wrong and work towards getting it right. 

-good news:  i found my collage room again.  it's been awhile, but i cleared off the table in there and started gluing some things together.  of course i did it while holding a baby in one arm, so, it wasn't exactly ideal, but it was at least good to dust off the bottle of glue.  there are good creative days ahead....i can feel it!

-ever heard of LOLcats?  just pictures of cats with ridiculous captions.  some of them are side-splitting funny.  you can see them here.  i was thinking about al gore and spiders last night, and thought i would make my own little LOLspider.

-amazing video that my friend daniel shared with me.  really cool that they all play the same guitar, and the singing is really good, too.  check it out. 

-i've been listening to alot of mat kearney this week, to help get my mind off the steelers.  every 5-minute period that goes by in which i don't think about the death trap that is denver, colorado is a major victory for me.  baby steps.  here's one of the songs of his most recent album:

-that's it for now, unless something else completely random pops into my head.  if it does, you'll be the first to know.  you can count on me. 

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