Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lifespan and beyond

my first child turns 7 today.  sev-en.  as in years. 

beyond my own sense of wonder that i am a father to a seven year old, i am just full of love for jackson.  he is such a delight, and a wonderful little boy.  he brings such a joy to our home, and a relentless desire to know and understand more and more about the world around him.  he will often tell me the lifespan of a cockroach, or the wingspan of a pterodactyl.  well, in the span of his seven years, i have fallen even more in love with him even though the moment he was born, i was convinced i could never love anyone or anything any more.  but i do.  for the duration of my lifespan and beyond.  happy birthday, little man. 


cathyq said...

I cannot believe Jack is 7. Geez. He is so inquisitive and interested in the world and its ways. His enthusiasm is contagious and makes me look at things differently as well. Happy Birthday Jack!!!!!!!

julie said...

I'll never forget the first time I held him - I fell in love immediately. He has had a piece of my heart ever since... such a sweet boy! Give him extra kisses for me please! (And squeeze the poop out of him...)