Tuesday, January 10, 2012


-good news!  it's tuesday.  after a monday that i'm certain was 12 times its normal length, that is good news indeed. 

-also, a new david crowder band album and a new snow patrol album in one day.  awesome.

-today, as i drove jackson to school through the valley that is the older part of sunbury, i was looking west into a big 'ol full moon just hanging over the ridge, while the electric-orange sun was just showing off it's own circular glory over the opposite ridge in the east.  it was a beautiful kind of "being caught in the middle," especially as i've been reflecting on genesis 1 for this weeks sermon. 

-there is nothing like an icy cold grey morning drive to make your life feel like a movie.  i drove over the owl-brown-grey susquehanna, lined with barren trees, with stick-cold branches pointing everywhere like so many arrows, while the stereo in my minivan spilled out the sounds of the civil wars:  "i hear something hanging on the wind..."  beautiful.  it would probably be a pretty boring movie.  but it would have a killer soundtrack.

-now that i'm not previewing/reviewing steelers game film, i want to glue things together!  i have been avoiding my collage space altogether, as it just seems to mock me when i go near there, with colorful comments about what i haven't been doing lately.  so, i want to put an end to that and get back into the swing of creating things made from ripped and torn and broken and discarded things.  so, just to inspire me, more than anything, here's a small one i made years ago from a classroom filmstrip:

"the in-between"
paper and film on cardboard
gregory a. milinovich

-so, in between the sun and the moon, in between the start and the end, in between whatever spaces you've been and the ones where you are going, be where you are.  be there.  be present.  be alive.  be yourself.  be uninhibited.  be free.  be abundant.  be hopeful. 

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Emoly said...

That is beautiful.

And here's a good example of how God works in mysterious ways; Bill basically said the same thing as he watched the moon set over the mountains in Nevada this morning.

It's a small world and God has given us so many glorious things to enjoy.