Thursday, January 19, 2012

fruity pebbles and hot lava: life in our house

here's an update on the major recent developments in our house: 

caedmon drew a smiling octopus(?) with sea-green legs and happy little eyebrows. 

jackson colored a worksheet at school in his typical style: extremely multi-colored.  it's like God spilled a giant bowl of fruity pebbles (yum) all over the earth.  he pretty consistently colors things this way, and i, for one, am a fan of his distinct style. 

this is our hallway.  recently the carpet in our hallway transformed into hot lava, rendering passage nearly impossible save for the rocks that were left uncovered.  unfortunately, since Cade was learning about the letter 'r,' we could only step on rocks that had the letter 'r' on them, which created some very dangerous jumping to get to the bathroom, especially when holding Quinton.  happily, no one was (badly) burned by the carpet lava, and i think we are all better at recognizing our 'r's. 

finally, we spent hours and hours (seriously) this weekend building a huge lego police station whose thousands of pieces had become spread across all our lego bins.  after we finished building it, we organized pieces with a passionate fury.  shannon, jackson and i were intense about sorting every last piece, into about 50 different categories.  then we went and bought some new storage bins to make it work.  and so, with this comes a very simple warning.  if you come and visit us, and you have children, please don't be offended if i hide the legos before you arrive.  or if you find padlocks on the bins.  we're not messing around here.  we take our organization seriously. 

that's life in the milinovich house.  if life in your house is even half as blessed, then you are very blessed indeed. 


cathyq said...

Lego heaven!

Emoly said...

I love Jack's coloring!

I would love to see the organized Lego's!! (We don't find that weird at all... ours are also organized by size and color and type.) Can we start a Lego AA club or something?