Saturday, December 10, 2011

saturday song: heat/snow miser

well, advent continues, and that means that our family tradition of advent socks is in full swing.  we have 24 socks hanging on our big double window, and each day the kids get to look in a sock and see what is inside.  sometimes it is a small gift or piece of candy, but most times it is an activity to do.  yesterday's activity was that they got to watch a holiday movie, eat popcorn, and all of us -as a family - camped out in the living room by the Christmas tree for the night.  we had a blast. 

before we went to bed, we saw "the year without a santa claus" christmas special on tv, and so i thought i would share this classic song from that show.  enjoy you saturday, and stay warm.  or cool.  whichever you prefer. 

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